5 songs - 5 videos

#5songs5videos - new way for me to describe what I love and my life is filled of - m u s i c

I will post every week 5 song and videos for them - which I love, inspired and obsessed with.

Guitar by Deniz Nida Sener on 500px.com

Watch in HD is essential.

Justin Bieber showing me that I need some nice reckless adventure so bad..
Be free, be childish and just explore and enjoy.

 Hailee became a lady) And now she sings actually..

Fink - is something special for me. his words, his songs is like part of me talking to you..
So deep.. 

This one I already posted on my Facebook page.
Its simply brilliant, makes goosebumps all over my body every time I listen to it..

Скільки іще забере вона твоїх дітей не твоя війна?

This is all for today.


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