People of New York

People not of New York, but I would say in New York, deserve a separate story ))
So I decided to dedicate a post about them. People here are all different, absolutely. All possible nationalities, races and skin color. They all look different .. and, always, in a hurry somewhere: the tourists - want to see everything in a short period of time, and the locals - working people - wanna manage to do everything on time.

People here do not care what others think about how they look, and the rest do not care for you, too. People are lying, sitting where they want. You can go through the center of Manhattan and see constructor covered in whitewash or a butcher covered with blood passing by -  and no one will turn around.

City in Bloom

I'm such a nature-lover that simply can't pass beautiful bush of flowers. In my city right now exact that moment of summer when everything is blooming so you can imagine me trying to capture every possible one!
I'm dying how much I want to learn about photography, went on some courses or school. I need professional to explain me how to use Photoshop and Lightroom; how and which light is a perfect one for a particular situation. I want to show that person those pictures, that I'm so inspired of so he could explain me how to get same exact result.
Now my new obsession – star sky and milky way. Reading/learning now how to shoot it, maybe I'll succeed.
But in a mean time I'm just playing as I can with flora.. you can check it out! :)

Perfect House | Interior

This is my vision of a perfect house. 
Wood, simple furniture, lots of light and feels like home immediately.
Well, location is kinda perfect as well - Tuscany, Italy

Philadelphia, PA


Lilac and Minnie Mouse Shoes

I always loved pastel colors – that baby pink, light blue and green, but somehow (and I think you've noticed also), I'm always wearing something bright. I don't know even why – but when I'm in a store my eyes are reaching for nudes, but hands picking bright colors.

I found something not so nude but light in my closet. It was still middle Fall and it was so warm and peaceful outside.. and I like this combo of nudes on a bright yellow background.
I made a few highlights in my hair just to play around, if you can tell..

And lets just mentioned this shoes - 1) they looks like a Minnie Mouse shoes and 2) they are soo comfortable and 3) they are LILAC)))

какие они классные! (Video)

Пока я готовлю пост со мной и моими фото, посмотрите ЭТО!
Вы будете плакать от смеха!

Back To Black

      Если вы меня хорошо знаете, то знаете, что я не ношу черного. У меня с ним сложилась определенная история.. Лет так 5-6 назад я для себя решила, что черный - слишком скушен и стандартен, прост.. и он везде! Особенно если посмотреть по сторонам у нас в городе.. стране. Я решила выбирать другие цвета и дошло до того, что у меня в гардеробе не осталось почти ничего черного..
Но видно я соскучилась, подсознательно, и приняла то, что черный - это секс, это классика и элегантность. И в течении последнего года вещи это цвета сами * серьезно * стали возвращаться ко мне. Сначала моя кожаная куртка, потом брюки, юбка - карандаш, футболка *Guns-n-Roses*, подаренная boo, и последнее - обувь.. 

Complete Body Cleansing by GNC

     Я немного тут расскажу про чистку, которую я проходила последние 2 недели. Если вы со мной в instagram, я выкладывала фото того, что я приблизительно кушала и как мне это дaвалось.



Guys, if you have some free time/or don`t have nothing much to do...
whatever, guys - you have to watch this videos!!! Cause they r increadable!!!

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