one more summer

my bf always saying, how much he hates hot weather! but to appreciate warm weather, you need to experience freaking cold.
yesterday we had first snow here in NY and my boo was happy like a child.. actually, he is.. cause its his first snow, first emotions and first snowflakes on the face and in his mouth.. :)

I don't like cold. I like winter only for coffee (it just tastes so much better this chilling period of the year), holidays and snow. to reach my destination and to run through cold I can but to wait somewhere outside longer than a 5 min - NOooo..
mom and sister were just telling me today how much snow they've got.. barely could get to the house.

so today I'm gonna show some pics from summer warmth.. from that places where now is a huge bank of snow ***

Gisele Bundchen for Vogue Paris

Gisele Bundchen 
for Vogue Paris
 by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin


this past month I feel so lost and so nervous.. start from american Christmas, then room hunting, then New Years eve and celebration.. which was nothing special.. I spent it in a bar with gay friends..
New Year in New York must be magical!!
but all I was doing is working, didn't see any magic in the city.. Christmas Tree in downtown looks like bunch of sparkling lights..
well, maybe its just my mood..with all this moving. you know.. people here surprising me every day..
both sides from - good and bad.
i also deleted all my movies and all my new New York pictures - don't know how. don't ask me.
movies I recovered - pictures not yet.

5 songs - 5 videos || 2

Hi, loves!

I don't know how about you.. but in this "holiday" season I don't feel like it at ALL. The weather here was sick till yesterday.. +15C for  December 17? Hallo!!??
And Im so busy at work, have a chance to see my boyfriend only few hours a day maximum.. 

And those time that I'm alone I surrounded myself with music..
My way to work filled with smiles and happiness, my working hours in headphones filled with that chair dancing we all know..

So here are my winners of the past week! Enjoy :)
High Fidelity by Mario Manso on


Andreea Rosse by Silviu Sandulescu on

I have to admit - all my life I liked girls. 
And till now all pictures, all my instagram full of girl's accounts and pictures. 
I dont know if it means something or its normal for a girl to like and be fascinated by other girls, but its true. 

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Talks Marriage, Her Health, Family & More with 'WSJ'

5 songs - 5 videos

#5songs5videos - new way for me to describe what I love and my life is filled of - m u s i c

I will post every week 5 song and videos for them - which I love, inspired and obsessed with.

Guitar by Deniz Nida Sener on

sick warm weather

guys, really, how crazy this weather is?
we had today 78 degrees and this is what??? 6th on NOVEMBER..
I was running in t-shirt all day through my errands and couldn't believe in this happiness..

this pictures were made back in time when we were hunting for a room in NYC - which is giving you great opportunity to explore this huge city

Inspiration NEEDED || о жизни насущной простыми словами

(disclaimer: в этом посте присутствуют ошибки грамматики и это авторское слово)

как я написала в ИГ, настроение, вдохновение.. все ушло на нет.
почему? не знаю. по магазинам хожу, ничего не хочу. все скучное.. и джинсы клеш, и кроп торы..
искала вдохновения в сети и это что-то с чем-то. я не могла ничего выбрать. ничего не нравится. последнии недели моды? бабушкина капуста..
вот поглядите. 
мне понравились только чб, черные и тотал белые луки - там что ни надень = нарядно и чисто и красиво. классика.

The Gift

Все, что происходит со мною сейчас - совсем отдельная страничка моей жизни. И не важно, где я буду жить и где найду свой дом в будущем - именно сейчас - в данный момент - Нью Йорк в моем сердце.. ну или я в его.
И то чувство, когда ты живешь своей мечтой - неописуемо. Я просто гуляю и стараюсь ничего не упустить: звук метро откуда-то под ногами, пенье птиц или просто солнечные лучи на моем лице..
Даже мои родители не верят тому, что происходит с ними.. ведь они со мной на этом пути. Моя маленькая сестренка тоже скоро будет тут.
Пока у меня нет времени собраться и написать основательный пост о НЙ, я покажу вам что-то совсем не важное, но очень важное мне... - подарок от моих девочек с корабля к моему отьезду. Скучаю !
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