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Hi, loves!

I don't know how about you.. but in this "holiday" season I don't feel like it at ALL. The weather here was sick till yesterday.. +15C for  December 17? Hallo!!??
And Im so busy at work, have a chance to see my boyfriend only few hours a day maximum.. 

And those time that I'm alone I surrounded myself with music..
My way to work filled with smiles and happiness, my working hours in headphones filled with that chair dancing we all know..

So here are my winners of the past week! Enjoy :)
High Fidelity by Mario Manso on 500px.com

It's all about "The Hurts" right now. I have almost 3 albums of them on  my phone and they are just great. Teo..

I was crazy about this song before.. and I am crazy at the moment. Is it that case when the cover is  better than original song{??}

With this one I am just obsessed. I just foung it (yes, I know %)..
those words!..

Every time I listen to this song I have so much love inside and I wanna cry.. Its amazing..
Coldplay is amazing..

and that's all!
I know its only four - but only this songs was on my mind when I started writing the post. I was trying to think of one more song.. but nothing.
So let's keep it true..

Have a good weekend!


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