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Last time I talk about GIRLS.
I just remembered that there is some boys existing)))) so let find some beauty in boys, maybe?

For me beauty of a man is much more simple boring.
I don't know how to explain... Maybe I just have special felling for the girls, that's it.

Ok. Let's get started...

Inner storm by Serj Nazarov on

While looking for fotos, I noticed there are not much to choose from.. It's so much less pictures of a man than a woman. And the best of them - as always - black and white.

Cracked Shell by János Kerekes on 500px.comMartin by Sollena - Photography (Sandra) on

Matthias by Sollena - Photography (Sandra) on

Dominik by Sollena - Photography (Sandra) on

Cubano by Kalevi Tamm on

Tom. by Sollena - Photography (Sandra) on

martin by Sollena - Photography (Sandra) on
Captain Kline by Matt Leitholt on

Chuckle in the desert by Nirmal Dayani on

s2 by Yankı Sivrikoz on

Old Farmer by Santu Mondal on
Headshot by Andy Kirby on

Gab by Nicolas Cazard on

A curious child by James Stone on

Lesedi Cultural Village by Keeton Hill on

But girls are the best))))))))))

dark pink by Benjamin Hartmann on

Beautiful woman with p by Oleg Gekman on

Eleonora XII by Yankı Sivrikoz on
all pictures r from 500px


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