Milk Sweater

Sunny weather was here- a week ago, but now is pretty windy and rainy. So I had a chance to wear my new milk sweater (ohh gosh!).Oh gosh - because it was not so easy.
( I had to re-knit it a coooouple of times.. but you know what: practice makes perfect! ;)
It`s turned out pretty loose and baggy and weight too much as I wanted.
I satisfied with the result ;)

 I washed a sweater and it turned - into a dress)
But it`s cool to wear with different leggings .. 

Behind the scene %)

Hope you like it ;)

here you can find inspiration for you ;)


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  1. Красотка! Похудела, похорошела - умница! Свитер вау!

  2. The sweater is beautiful! So are you!

  3. Клевый уютный свитер)

    1. как раз по погоде оказался)


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